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Dan Brown

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Daniel Gerhard Brown June 22, 1964 Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S.





Alma mater

Amherst College


Thriller, adventure, mystery, conspiracy

Notable works

Digital Fortress Deception Point Angels & Demons The Da Vinci Code The Lost Symbol Inferno Origin


Blythe Newlon



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Daniel Gerhard Brown is an American author most well known for his thriller novels, including the Robert Langdon stories, Angels & Demons , The Da Vinci Code , The Lost Symbol , Inferno and Origin . His novels are treasure hunts set in a 24-hour period, and feature the recurring themes of cryptography, keys, symbols, codes, art, and conspiracy theories. His books have been translated into 57 languages, and as of 2012, sold over 200 million copies. Three of them, Angels & Demons , The Da Vinci Code and Inferno have been adapted into films.

Brown's novels that feature the lead character, Langdon, also include historical themes and Christianity as motifs, and have generated controversy. Brown states on his website that his books are not anti-Christian, though he is on a 'constant spiritual journey' himself, and says that his book The Da Vinci Code is simply "an entertaining story that promotes spiritual discussion and debate" and suggests that the book may be used "as a positive catalyst for introspection and exploration of our faith".

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